Florida Power Management

Benefits of Solar

Solar saves you money

Going solar gives homeowners long term protection from rising utility rates. Our 0-down payment options allow homeowners to lock in fixed monthly cost that will never never increase. 25 year warranties ensure a worry free return on money that would have otherwise been given to the utility company.

Self sufficient

Florida ranks as one of the top states for solar potential. Most homes with good sun exposure can produce enough electricity to power 100% of their annual needs. Ask about battery backup options!

Environmentally conscious

Solar is a zero emissions power source that helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The future is green energy!

Increase home value

Studies show that solar energy increases home values. Solar homes sell faster and at a premium compared to similar homes without solar. Home appraisers increasingly take solar power and energy efficiency upgrades into consideration when valuing a property.

Cost of Solar

Every home has unique electricity needs. Costs will vary depending on multiple factors. Zero upfront cost options are available to qualified customers. Turn your power bill into an investment. Start with a no-obligation consultation today !